Steerable vertical coverage angle  active column.compact, portable high SPL arrayable column design.built in multi chanel digital amplifier and DSP module.precise adjustment of vertical sound beam control.MAX 8 pics AC12.3P to hand with linear and get 8 meter long lineal can throw to 100 meter in effective frequncy.The best choice for medium or small concert and indoor invisible fixed installation


AC12.3P is an active arrayable and steerable column composed of 12 x 3” full range drivers feed by 4 amplifiers of 190W (RMS). An internal DSP is in charge of the sound steering control and the equalization for a smooth frequency response. The use of full range drivers avoids the use of crossover and the inherent phase problems.

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The maximum number of columns in one array is 8 units. It means an 8-meter-long lineal source with the advantages of a greater near field than standard line arrays. The sound attenuation in near field is only 3dB each time the distance is doubled instead the 6dB attenuation that happen in the far field. As well the sound beam angle control goes down to 100Hz due to the big length of the array.
There is not split angle between cabinets. The array is always flown vertical and the sound beam is configured by digital signal process.



Frequency response 90Hz~13kHz(-6dB)
Maximum SPL@1m 123dB(Music power/Program)
Input Sensitivity 1V
Horizontal coverage 120°@5kHz
Vertical coverage Can be configured according to the actual application
Driver 12×3″Full range European drivers
Connectors XLR3 for signal input and stack output/USB Client for DSP control/powercon for Mains input and output
Cabinet CNC made 12mm MDF,Spraying technology of black sand paint
Amplifier 4x190W RMS Class D
Controls DSP control
Protections Thermal,Soft power limiter
N.W 23kg
P.S W151xH1021xD310mm
Transport Transport container packaging and transportation
Shipping box size W1071xH360xD872mm

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