IWAC 210

 IWAC210 + SUB115T datasheet
 IWAC accessories configuration


The IWAC210 line array is a true line source system and is suitable for large concerts indoor and outdoor PA reinforcements where high SPL at long distances are the key.
The IWAC210 line array needs to be completed with subwoofers from the SUB115T range.


System constitution:
The complete system should have IWAC210 line array speaker, flying frame, amplifier rack and the frame of amplifier rack.
The standard application is 3pcs IWAC210 cabinet match with 2pcs SUB115T each side. The V4.25 amp can drive IWAC210 and V2.20 amp drive SUB115T. It has fully integrated rigging, no tools are needed for building a complete setup.The IWAC210 line array can be used for:


  • Medium to large PA reinforcements
  • Auditorium and theater
  • Indoor & outdoor festivals
  • Stadium


IWAC210 Fitting

Excellent sound performance:
IWAC210 line array speaker designed with 1 x 10inch bass driver and 2 x 1.73inch HF driver. It can output high SPL and Long distance sound diffusion with low distortion.


  • Completely using physical methods correct phase and frequency response.
    No need DSP electronic balance adjustment, can get very flat frequency response (80~18.5kHz);
  • Sound image in the front, positioning clear.

The rigging system:
IWAC210 line array module has a 1°/step rigging frame on the side and under a 12:1 safety factor can be used to rigging 12pcs line array module.

  • Scalable design for extension bar ,precise construction, easy to use,no noise,strong fault tolerance

The amplifier rack
IWAC210 line array has a 6U height power amplifier rack which can be hanging and put one Verity V4.25 amps and one DSP can drive 8pcs IWAC210 speakers.

  • In this way, we can shorten the speaker cable and make the operation more simpler and also can reduce the signal distortion.
  • Simpler system connection、lower cost、more reliable using experience.



Model IWAC210 SUB115T
Power LF:600W / HF:120W (AES) 2000W(AES)
Program power LF:1200W / HF:240W 4000W
Nominal Impedance LF:8 Ω / HF:16 Ω 4Ω(Optional 8Ω configuration)
Frequency Response LF:70-4kHz / HF:1.7k-18.5kHz 35-500Hz
Sensitivity LF:98dB / HF:108dB 93dB
Maximum SPL >136dB Program (pink noise 1m 1box) >136dB Program (pink noise 1m 1box)
Horizon 110 °
Veritical 10°(1box)
LF Driver 1 x 10″ Neodymium driver  15″ Carbon fiber cone ferret driver
Voice coil 2″(52 mm) 6″(152mm)
HF driver 2 x 1.73″driver
Exit 1″(25.5mm)  
Connectors 2x NEUTRIK  NL4 SPEAKON parallel   LF : ±1  HF : ±2 2x NEUTRIK  NL4 SPEAKON parallel   LF : ±1  HF : ±2
Cabinet CNC made 15mm birch wood sandy wear-resisting environmental polyurea spray paint CNC made 18mm birch wood sandy wear-resisting environmental polyurea spray paint
Hanging side frame Laser processing steel plate joining together with black paint Have 8PCS Ø10stainless steel push-pin Angle is not adjustable Laser processing steel plate joining together with black paint have 4PCS Ø8 stainless steel push-pin Angle is not adjustable
Product Dimensions(mm) 499 x 304 x 360 499 x 551 x 575
Package Dimensions(mm) 600 x 390 x 465 620 x 660 x 685
N.W/G.W 23.6kg/27.2kg 52kg/59kg

Verity Audio reserves the rights to make changes in specification without prior notice.
The final specification is subject to the user’s manual.