IWAC 220

IWAC220 is a Dual 10" passive, full-range Vertical Line Array Loudspeaker.


IWAC220 Vertical Line Array is a full-range, passive loudspeaker cabinet designed for live events. It's Dual 10″ mid-low frequency drivers and Dual 1.73″ high frequency compression drivers are combined by passive internal cross-over network requiring only a single amp channel to power it.  Careful attention to physical cabinet design minimized group delay to insure excellent phase and frequency response to deliver full-range performance even in the far field. Each cabinet has a coverage angle of  H120° x V10° (-6dB) and presents a nominal impedance of 16Ω to the amplifier.  With an AES power rating of 500W it has a maximum SPL of up to 137dB (Peak level at 1M, half space).  The precision CNC routed birch plywood cabinet is finished with a highly durable textured coating. The flying hardware design is especially designed for quick deployment allowing the splay angle between cabinets to be preset while the array is still on the ground.  Also available is the IWAC220i for fixed installation, which can be ordered in black or white. Recommended Subwoofers for both the  IWAC220 and IWAC220 are the SUB118TL (flyable single 18") or the SUB136 (stackable dual 18")

Power Handling LF:500W/HF:110W (AES)
Program Power LF:1000W/HF:220W
Nominal impedance: LF:16Ω/HF:16Ω
Frequency Response 80~18kHz(-10dB)
Sensitivity LF-100dB;HF-113dB
Maximum SPL >136dB(Peak level at 1 m under half space)
Horizon 120°
Vertical 10° (1box)
LF driver 2x 10″Neodymium driver
Voice coil 2.5″(65mm)
HF driver 2×1.73″ driver
Voice coil 1.73″(44mm)
Exit 1″(25.5mm)
Connector 2xNEUTRIK® NL4 SPEAKON® parallel LF:±1 Hf:±2
Cabinet CNC made 15mm birch wood sandy wear-resisting environmental polyurea spray paint
Hanging side frame Laser processing steel plate joining together with black paint Have 4PCS Ø10 stainless steel


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