IWAC220P Line-Array

The IWAC220P is the first Active Verity Line-Array product.  Careful mechanical design and driver positioning minimized the need to use elecronic group delay correction yielding a new generation of high resolution sound quality

The system is Bi-Amped by 4 independent Amplifier Modules and onboard DSP.  Each drive unit has fully independent DSP control and 3 independent amplifier channels minimumizing  low-mid interaction between the LF drivers smoothing the off-axis horzontal pattern.  Modular plug-in design facilitates quick repair or replacement even when hanging in an array.

Innovative rigging design allows for presetting of the splay angles while the array is on the ground, vastly reducing installation time.  A Vertical transport wheel board holds (4) cabinets additionally improving the efficiency and protection during transport.

Unique V-NET product network management system.


Model IWAC220P
Frequency Response(-10dB) 80~18kHz
Maximum SPL >136dB (Short Term Peak >140 dB)
Input sensitivity 1.0 V
Horizontal coverage angle 120°
Compression driver 2 x 1″ Neodymium Driver
Voice coil 44 mm, 1.73″
Midrange-Woofer 2 x 10″ Neodymium Driver
Voice coil 65 mm, 1.73″

Frequency Range

LF: 80Hz - 3.2KHZ, HF: 1.5KHz - 18KHz 

Crossover Frequency 2 KHz
Protection Thermal, Excursion, RMS
Limiter Soft Limiter
Controls DSP Controlled/PLS system
High Frequency Amps 2 X 250W RMS (CLASS D)
Mid-Low Frequency Amps 2 X 800W RMS (CLASS D)
Cooling Connvection/Forced Air
A.C.  96-265V - (50-60 Hz)  Powercon
Product Dimensions(mm/in)

742/29.9 x 286/11.3 x 505/19.9